About Granted

Expert, Professional Advice and Support

Granted is a Team Player

Establishing Teamwork: It is very rare for anyone to write a bid in isolation...teamwork is essential.

Developing Partnerships: Grant applications and projects rarely succeed without well developed partnerships.

Creating a Win-Win Situation: It is essential to ensure that both the Funder's and Customer's aspirations are met.

Trust Comes From Experience: Over almost 20 years Granted has built trusting relationships with most of the major Funders.

Projects are a Tool for Change: Granted can ensure that projects allow you to take carefully managed risks and enable growth.

Failure Can Deliver Success: Granted builds in positives and success criteria irrespective of the outcome of a funding application.


Our aim is always to broker agreement between the customer and the funder to deliver mutual benefit. This is done by facilitating, enabling, encouraging and supporting the customer to navigate a course through the funding maze while ensuring the Funder understands that the customer has the ability and confidence to deliver on their behalf.


The aim is always to ensure the needs of the customer are met while helping them learn and grow their grant funding confidence. The Customer must provide the heart and soul of any bid or project and generate a belief in the Funder that they can deliver effective, high quality products and services. Creating a track record of succesful delivery is critical to securing future funding.


The Funder needs to find the right partner to deliver the desired outcomes reliably and effectively on their behalf. The Funder needs to have confidence in your plan to deliver and in your credibility to deliver it. The trick is to ensure the funder is in no doubt that the customer can deliver and that they would be unwise not to fund them.





The important thing is not being afraid to take a chance. Remember, the greatest failure is to not try.